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How do you know if you are a witch by birth

How do you know if you are a witch by birth ?

The term “witch” may conjure up images of pointy hats, flying broomsticks and magic potions. But the reality is that witchcraft is an ancient spiritual practice that has existed for thousands of years and is still practiced today.

If you’ve ever wondered if you were born a witch, here are some signs to consider.

You are sensitive to energies

Birth witches often have an increased sensitivity to the energies around them. You may be very sensitive to the emotions of others, pick up on the moods and energies of people you meet, or be particularly sensitive to the vibrations of places.

You may be a witch if you have ever felt a strange energy in a room, or if you have felt a special connection to a place or object.

You are sensitive to energies

You have dreams and hunches

Dreams and hunches are often ways for witches to receive messages or visions. You may be a witch if you have frequent dreams or hunches that often turn out to be right. Dreams can also be a source of inspiration for spells and rituals.

You are drawn to nature

Witches by birth are often very attracted to nature, whether it be plants, animals or natural elements such as water and fire. You may be a witch if you have a love for nature and feel at peace when you are outdoors.

You may also feel a special connection to animals or plants, or be drawn to stones and crystals.

You are interested in spirituality

Witches by birth are often very spiritual people, seeking to understand the mysteries of the universe and connect with higher forces. Being a witch also means being drawn to spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, tarot, numerology or fortune telling.

You feel different

Witches by birth can often feel different from others. You may feel like you don’t quite fit into the world, or that you don’t understand conventional social norms.

Also to recognize if you are a witch, you feel different and like you are connected to something bigger.

You feel different

You are attracted to magical practices

Finally, if you are drawn to magical practices such as spells, rituals, divination or herbal magic, this may be a sign that you are a born witch.

Witches often have a natural affinity for these practices and may find that they are intuitively drawn to certain practices over others.

If you have some curiosity about magical practices, this may be a good time to explore this area and see if it resonates with you.

Ultimately, it is important to remember that witchcraft is a personal and spiritual practice that can take many different forms.

If you recognize yourself in one or more of the signs listed above, it may indicate that you are a born witch. But it’s important to remember that everyone has their own path to follow, and that the practice of witchcraft is first and foremost a matter of personal connection to the spiritual world.

If you are curious to explore this path, it may be helpful to research, find communities or groups of practitioners to learn more about this ancient and mystical practice.

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